Single Mom Alleges Yelp Fired Her For Taking Time Off to Tend to Sick Boyfriend in ICU

A former Yelp employee claims she was fired for asking for three days unpaid leave after her boyfriend was in a mountain biking accident over the weekend.

Jaymee Senigaglia wrote about her experience in a blog post on Medium published on Monday. In the post, Senigaglia says she got a call from her "manager, director, and HR who said I could either come in now or resign."

Yelp disputes the reason for Senigaglia's departure. It says she was fired for "repeated absences" after receiving multiple warnings. 

You can read more about this story at Business Insider.

While time will tell whether Ms. Senigaglia's allegations prove to be true or not, I have noted a general increase in the amount of contacts we have been receiving regarding terminations due to illness, taking FMLA, and/or refusals to accommodate disabilities or medical conditions. And I guess we are not alone. EEOC statistical data indicates that the percentage of Charges filed with the agency that are based on claims of disability have risen every year since 2007

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