New Video Blog: Difference Between "At Will" and "Right to Work"

Dallas employment lawyer and personal friend Michael P. Maslanka of Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP is starting a new video blog on employment law matters.  His first installment has to do with the Difference Between “Right to Work” and “At Will” Employment.  

These are two concepts that are often mixed up by both employers and employees.  In a nutshell, "Right to Work" is a statutory scheme that about half of the states have implemented in an effort to destroy unions outlawing closed union shops.  Pro tip: it's been working.  Union membership has been steadily on the decline in America for years.  No coincidental, employee pay (in real terms) and benefits have been declining for both union and non-union employees have been declining during the same period.  Put simply, when unions get weaker, all employees get weaker vs. their corporate employers.

"At will" is what many think "Right to Work" means.  It means that an employee has no general entitlement to continued employment.  An employee can be fired or quit at any time for any reason or now reason at all.  It is the general rule of employment throughout the country (except in unionized situations).


Click through to watch Mike's video blog and get his take on these important concepts.





Posted with Permission.