Stop Trying to Micro-Manage Employees' Use of Social Media

 Jessica Miller-Merrell interviewed at i-Sight's blog:

"Jessica Miller-Merrell wants employers to stop forcing their employees to be phony. And this includes restricting and over-managing their use of social media in the workplace.

“I believe that there’s an intersection forming between technology, tools, social media, mobile and culture, all related around work. Those companies that adopt these technologies, they’re allowing for their employees to be themselves, to encourage relationships, engagement, conversation, feedback and creativity,” says this SPHR, author, HR strategist and CEO of Xceptional HR."

* * * 

"Taking a more flexible and open approach to working environments, including allowing social media use, translates into a happier, more engaged and productive work force, argues Miller-Merrell."

Agreed.  The HR community has been running around with its hair on fire fretting about social media for the last two years.  Social media policies threatening termination for speaking negatively about the company are all the rage.  It's gotten do bad that DOL has had to step in to warn employers that yes -employees really are still allowed to have opinions and speak them in the marketplace of ideas.  

In my opinion, a company's time and effort would be better spent making the business the kind of place that is so great to work that management actually isn't afraid of what the company's employees might say about them.