Employees' Lives Cheaper Than Proper Safety Measures

Zain Shauk has the story on the failure of the chemical and refining industries to implement appropriate safety policies and equipment to protect workers.

"Safety at chemical plants and refineries has not improved despite scores of fatalities over the last decade, and it won't until companies develop better systems for identifying red flags that point to potential disaster, panelists said at a Monday hearing in Houston.
The first day of a two-day hearing by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board focused on safety shortcomings that contributed to deadly incidents such as the 2005 explosion at BP's Texas City refinery that killed 15 workers and injured scores."

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that tort reform and workers compensation laws have made it more expensive to pay for proper safety measures than to simply pay for dead workers.  Combine that with the war on regulation that so many have bought into and what you get is exactly what these industries want to have happen . . . nothing.

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