$820,000 Disability Verdict Against Orange County

Michael Futterman and Jaime Touchstone (HR Hero) take a close look at this case - "County hammered with $820,000 verdict for not protecting disabled employee"

Ralph Espinoza worked for the Orange County Probation Department as a deputy juvenile corrections officer. He was born without fingers on his right hand. He was able to perform most tasks but was self-conscious and often kept his hand in his pocket.  In August 2006, county corrections officers started blogging about work. An anonymous post to one of the blogs stated: “I will give anyone 100 bucks if you get a picture of the claw. Just take your hand out of your pocket already!” Further blog posts referred to the “one handed bandit” and the “rat claw,” ...

...and it goes downhill from there. According to the reports both HR and management new about the conduct but did little to nothing.  The county appealed, arguing among other things that the harassment wasn't sufficiently severe or pervasive to be actionable.  They're lucky there is no way for an appellate court to whack with another $800K just for making such an argument.