Texas Unemployment Benefits Cut

The Texas Workforce Commission announced Tuesday that the maximum number of weeks of unemployment benefits will shrink to 60 weeks from 73 weeks starting July 8.  The change was triggered by the state's unemployment rate falling below a three-month average of 7 percent.

Regular unemployment benefits last up to 26 weeks. Once those benefits are exhausted, qualified unemployed Texans can apply for emergency unemployment benefits.

Tier I emergency benefits last 20 weeks, followed by 14 weeks of Tier II benefits.
Currently, when those benefits have been exhausted, Texans can apply for Tier III emergency benefits, which provide for an additional 13 weeks. But that safety net is disappearing for anyone who exhausts Tier II benefits starting July 8.

Those who exhaust the Tier II benefits before July 7 still may be eligible for Tier III benefits.
The commission estimates 22,453 people now collecting Tier II emergency benefits will not be eligible for Tier III benefits.

Read more Source: SA Express News.