Toyota Dealership Sued by EEOC for Age Discrimination in San Antonio

The EEOC has filed a federal lawsuit, charging Universal Toyota with age discrimination, claiming it refused to allow salespeople older than 40 to sell Scions — a vehicle typically sold to younger drivers. Universal Toyota is part of San Antonio billionaire Red McCombs' dealership chain.  

 In the lawsuit, the EEOC seeks unspecified back wages, including any potential commissions and bonuses, on behalf of at least four former salespeople who allegedly weren't allowed to sell Scions.

The EEOC also wants the dealership to reinstate an employee who, it claims, was fired for reporting the alleged discrimination.  

Patrick Danner of the San Antonio Express News quotes EEOC Senior Attorney:  “They were pretty much told, point-blank, that they were too old to sell Scion, that the car was marketed towards younger customers. Management at the dealership felt that they wanted younger people to sell Scion.”

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