$730,000.00 Verdict - Jury Finds in Favor of Former Coach Against TSU.

Former Texas Southern women's basketball coach Surina Dixon has won a federal lawsuit against the school in which she alleged gender discrimination and retaliation for her 2008 firing.

A jury awarded Dixon $730,000 on Friday.  Statutory damage caps may reduce that amount.

Dixon was hired under a four-year contract by TSU in March 2008 and fired three months later without being allowed to coach a single game after she complained about illegal pay practices at the university.  Her salary was roughly half that of her mail counterpart - a violation of federal law. 

Dixon is now a high school teacher in Memphis, Tenn.

According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, TSU issued a statement and is still denying any wrongdoing whatsoever.  Obviously the school just doesn't get it despite the apparent facts of the case and jury's decision.  I can only take from their statement that they plan to continue efforts to discriminate against their female employees.  

Perhaps a shakeup in TSU's administration is in order.