Texas Unemployment Law - Staff Leasing Companies

When a company pays you through a staff leasing company, the name of the leasing company is on your paycheck or pay stub, and the leasing company is your employer. That means you must follow the staff leasing company’s rules, including those on requesting and completing assignments.
Q. Do the same laws apply to work for staff leasing companies that apply to work for temporary help agencies?
Yes and no. Different laws govern staff leasing companies. For example, if you work for a staff leasing company, you must still contact the staff leasing company by the next business day for a new assignment when your current assignment ends. However, you do not have to wait three business days before applying for benefits, as you must if you work for a temporary help agency.
Q. How will I know when to contact the staff leasing company?
When your assignment ends, the staff leasing company, or the business for which you completed the assignment, must give you a written notice advising you to contact the leasing company for another assignment.