The Most Important Movie You Will See This Year

We get a lot wrong in our media-transfixed culture, where a wry quip and populist outrage almost always trump any understanding of complicated facts. But rarely do we get someone as wrong as we got Stella Liebeck.

 - Hank Stuever - Washington Post

The Documentary Hot Coffee premiers this week on HBO.  Hot Coffee is a documentary about the tort “reform” industry. The movie, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, included much about the McDonald’s hot coffee case where the late Stella Liebeck was scalded from the brew. I would tell you more about the case, except that you already know the story.....or perhaps you only think you know the story.  

Hot Coffee examines the case and several other cases as well, and does a really good job of exposing how corporate america has spent billions to trick the American people into believing that the court system is evil and that anyone who brings a legal claim is looking for "jackpot justice."  

I encourage you to watch the movie and then do your own thinking on the issue.  It is important that we start seriously considering this issue because our court system and our freedoms are being taken right out from under us and most people don't even know it.

Here is the trailer: