Jay Shepherd: Employers' Rx for swine flu? Eliminate sick days

One of my favorite employer-side HR bloggers has another great piece out this week that I recommend you check out.  As you may have read, the World Health Organization declared an influenza pandemic on Thursday and advised governments to prepare for a long-term battle against an unstoppable new flu virus.

Jay picks up the issue from the employer's perspective. 

[T]he current swine-flu pandemic has employers concerned. Many employment lawyers have added to the hysteria by flacking doom-filled seminars on emergency preparedness and other pandemic responses.

My response? Get rid of sick days.

WHAT!?!  Yes really. 

Jay's article is insightful and, as usual, right on the money with what company's should be doing in HR management.  I encourage you to check out his article at Gruntled Employees.