How to Lose a Job With Twitter.

Twitter is a fantastic tool.  There is currently no better way to make an idiot out of yourself in front of a national audience for 140 characters or less. 

A recent job applicant at Cisco was offered a position that was apparently a pretty good paying job.  So, what does said job applicant do?  Well, go on Twitter and badmouth the job of course.

"Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.”

Well, anyone care to hazard a guess as to whether anyone at Cisco (a tech company) follows posts about the company on Twitter?  Uh.....yeah...they do.  And it gets worse for our job applicant.  Her situation went "viral".  Someone from Cisco saw her post and responded.  This spread across Twitter like wildfire.  Internet goons with too much time on their hands traced her Twitter account to her true identity and outed her.  Blog pages went up about the incident.  She was dubbed on the net "Cisco Fatty."  People with even more time on their hands posted Youtube videos about the incident.  In short she was humiliated and, one would assume, she may not be offered the position at Cisco.

The moral of the story?  Stop, STOP, STOP thinking that electronic communications are private.  They aren't.  Whether it be email or Facebook entries, or Twitter, or whatever comes next, remember, someone is always watching.  So don't put anything down in an electronic communication unless you wouldn't mind if it was read by your mother, your spouse, and your boss.

(Update: Someone inquired about this so here is the info: I have referred to the subject of this story as "her" throughout the article b/c I know her identity.  In fact she has come out and posted about the event.  However, there as been an awful lot of piling on her for this mistake so I am choosing not to identify her or to link to anything identifying her personally.  If you care enough, you can find out who it is...but you shouldn't.)


Never post anything you wouldn’t say to your mom, boss and significant other.