Some Lawyers Warn that New FMLA Rules May Create More Confusion and Litigation

The Family Medical Leave Act has undergone major changes for the first time in its 15-year history. (We posted previously about the amendments & the Department of Labor's new regulations here.)  Some attorneys fear that these changes may cause a great deal of  confusion and litigation.

This week issued new rules for the amendments, which take effect on Jan. 16.  The new rules were a response to complaints by employers and employees alike.  Employers have long argued that workers are abusing FMLA, especially in the area of intermittent leave. Employees counter that they're unfairly being denied FMLA, and, are often retaliated against for taking it.

The new rules address many of employer's long-standing issues with the FMLA and also address under which circumstances military families can take FMLA leave.  However, some attorneys believe that the changes will still be problematic for employers.

Here is a link to the story in the National Law Journal.  $$

Here is a link to the new Department of Labor Regulations.