Blogroll Update!

It is hard to keep up with all of the excellent employment law and HR-related materials on the web these days. Seems like each week brings a new blog or web resource. So, after too much delay, I have finally managed to update the blogroll with links to many of the other fine sources of HR-related information on the web. Give it a look. And, if I have missed your site, drop me a comment and we will get the link up.

On a related note, I want to announce an upcoming feature here at the HR Lawyer's Blog. Within the next couple of weeks we will begin providing regular spotlights of the excellent websites that link to this humble blog. My hope is to let our readers know about other fine blogs and websites that they may not be aware of. I figure it makes sense to begin with those sites that link to us because (1) we mush share a similar audience; and (2) the publishers of these sites obviously have excellent taste.

The sites will be chosen at random from the pool links that our web statistics engine provides. If you have recently linked to us, drop a comment to this post and I'll make sure your site goes in the hat for the HR Web Spotlight.

Happy Blogging!