Tips for the Office Christmas Party

The office is frequently a place where employees and employers get together to celebrate special events. This year, 94% of businesses will throw a holiday celebration. Office parties typically mean lots of music, food and drinks. If the drinks include alcohol, however, office parties can have very unfortunate consequences. Opinions vary regarding the appropriateness of making alcoholic beverages available at office parties, however, according to a recent survey 86% of companies will serve alcoholic beverages at their party this year. This often leads to embarassing situations for employees. A recent survey from found that 57% of respondents said they've gotten drunk at workplace celebrations, and more than two thirds, 68%, said they've embarrassed themselves or seen others embarrassed themselves as a result. This is in addition to the danger that some employees or guests may drive home "under the influence".So before the party gets going this year, give some thought to how its organized, set up some policies regarding appropriate behavior, designate some members of management to stay sober and keep an eye out for innapropriate behavior and/or employees that should not be driving themselves home. Also think seriously about making some alternative forms of transportation available.

To help, the Department of Labor has posted some tips for throwing an office party that minimizes the associated risks. Give it a look.

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