Tech Minute - Are you using RSS?

There is a link on the right side of this blog page that reads "RSS Site Feed". If you haven't already used this link to subscribe to the blog in your favorite news reader, you really should. What's that? You don't have a news reader? You don't know what RSS is? Well my friend, today is your lucky day.

RSS is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to use a piece of software typically called a "news reader" (there are many available for download on the web for FREE) to literally keep up with the content on dozens if not hundreds of blogs and websites in less time that it would take you to travel to and review one or two the old fashioned way. To help you learn more about this really powerful tool, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell have put together this RSS article for lawyers (its really great for non-lawyers too). Do yourself a favor and give it a read. You'll never surf the web the same way again. Hat tip to Human Law Blog for the link.Sexual Harassment Pregnancy Discrimination Age Discrimination San Antonio Employment Lawyer Texas Employment Lawyer Texas Sexual Harassment Age Discrimination Texas Overtime Texas Age Discrimination