HR Survey Says . . .

What are HR professionals most concerned about these days? Business & Legal Reports' HR Daily Advisor recently completed a survey among members of the profession to find out.

The survey, sent to a representative sample of 6,000 of their readers a few weeks ago, asked what topics most concerned them from an HR standpoint. Here were the most often cited concerns:--Compliance: No shock here.--Retention and Recruitment: Economists estimate that business will be short more than 10 million skilled workers in the near future, as baby boomers retire and not enough trained younger workers are available to fill their slots. HR Professionals are already noticing that it's harder to find and retain talent in economically depressed or geographically remote areas.--Performance Management: Though they've been trying since they were "personnel managers," HR professionals have yet to find a surefire way to get the most out of the workforce. Traditional performance appraisals were particularly criticized by participants as being ineffectual.--Rising Healthcare Costs: They are high and going higher.--Workplace Atmospherics: In-house negativity. So-called "bad" supervisors that spread discontent cost companies in so many ways.--Developing Leadership and Teamwork: Companies talk the talk on these issues, but many never walk the walk.

What are two important issues that didn't make the list but probably should have? (1)Disaster planning and (2) Outsourcing.Hat tip to George's Employment Blawg for the link.Sexual Harassment Pregnancy Discrimination Age Discrimination San Antonio Employment Lawyer Texas Employment Lawyer Texas Sexual Harassment Age Discrimination Texas Overtime Texas Age Discrimination