Working Mother Magazine: 100 Best Companies to Work For

Working Mother's Magazine is out with its 21st annual 100 Best Companies list. Is your company on the list? You can check here. If not, do you know why not? Examining the programs being offered by those that did make the list may give a clue. According to the article:
Programs we could only imagine a few years ago?16 months of maternity leave, free backup care, phase-back programs, $10,000 in adoption reimbursement?are now a reality at many of our Working Mother 100 Best Companies. In selecting this year's winners, we gave special weight to leave policies, because it's critical for a mother to be able to stay home as long as possible with her newborn without suffering professionally.

I have not read all 100 entries yet but my initial review of the top 5 companies indicates that they all share at least one thing in common. Each of these organizations has a real commitment to helping employees achieve a work-life balance through flex time, job sharing, real part-time options, and telecommuting. If your company is not aggressively adopting these types of policies, it will find itself increasingly falling behind in competing for top employee talent.

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