The State of Working America Report: Working Families Working More

The Economic Policy Institute recently released its advance edition of the State of Working America 2006/2007 report. The report presents a wide variety of data on family incomes, taxes, wages, unemployment, wealth, and poverty -- data that enables the book's authors to closely examine the impact of the economy on the living standards of the American people. One troubling statistic in the report: married parents' combined work hours are up 18 percent, with married, middle-income moms adding the equivalent of three months of full-time work to their annual schedules in the past 25 years. Unfortunately, the extra work is not necessarily generating extra income - according to the report, while productivity grew 16.6 percent from 2000 to 2005, median family income turned down 2.9 percent. Which means people are working more for less.

Hat tip to Grant Griffiths for the link.