The Amazing Shrinking Vacation

What with airports snatching away hair care products and the price of gas approaching the price of milk, a number of surveys show that American workers, who already take fewer vacations than people in nearly all industrial nations, are cutting back even more.

The Conference Board, a private research group, found that at the start of the summer, 60 percent of consumers had no plans to take a vacation over the next six months. A Gallup Survey recently found that 43 percent of respondents had no summer vacation plans.

About 25 percent of American workers in the private sector do not get any paid vacation time and another 33 percent will take only a seven-day vacation, including a weekend.

This New York Times article touches on the issue of how shrinking vacation syndrome is probably not a good thing. Certainly not good for people and, in the long run, not good for companies either. They site one international firm that has started a practice of simply shutting the company down for a period each year to force vacation on its own workers. Accordning to the company, the increase in productivity is more than worth the lost time.