More Man Bites Dog

While it certainly isn't becoming commonplace, we have been noticing increasing chatter on employment-related blogs and news sources indicating an increasing trend of employers suing employees following termination of the employment relationship. The latest of these such cases comes from Delaware. U.S. Card Partner Services in Newark has sued a former sales director, claiming he overstated his qualifications to get the job, and once hired, made too many personal phone calls and played with his iPod too much.

The company not only fired him in July, it is now suing him in federal court, demanding that he pay back the $90,000 he was paid in salary plus an additional $210,000 in profits that the company believes it lost because of his poor job performance. Frankly, it is really difficult to see the logic behind such an overly aggresive tactic being taken by an employer. I think most attorneys would agree that the company has slightly less than 0% chance of recovering lost profits in such a case. Given that fact, the case just doesn't seem to make good business sense. Perhaps, however, there are facts or circumstances that have yet to come to light.

Hat tip to Labor Prof Blog for the story.Categories:HRPolicies