Texas Sexual Harassment

I have long thought that one of the reasons Texas seems to have more instances of sexual harassment than some other areas of the country is our proximity to Mexico and its unfortunate traditions of that country - machismo. Just as an example, consider for a moment the fact that Mexican President Vicente Fox publicly joked earlier this year that women were "washing machines with two legs." This top to bottom sanctioning of the poor treatment of women is one of the things holding Mexico back from reaching its full potential as a country. And while we don't suffer from nearly the same degree of conduct here in Texas, a diluted form of the machismo culture does leech into the state's culture.To start to combat this backwards behavior, the Mexican Institute of Women is sponsoring a series of television public service announcements that show a man stroking the shoulder of an inflatable sex doll, while a voiceover states "No woman should be treated like an object. Sexual harassment is degrading and it's a crime."Recently, the institute also sponsored a series of controversial ads against domestic violence in which prominent female writers, actresses and academics appeared on billboards, made up to appear as if they had been severely beaten. The slogan of that campaign was "He who hits one of us, hits all of us." Perhaps if Mexico can begin to get its sexual harassment house in order, we will reap some of the benefits on our side of the border.

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