HR Strategy Issue: Avian Flu

Is your company prepared for a possible avian flu pandemic? Probably not, right? Well it is certainly an issue that I have seen popping up with greater and greater frequency in HR news sources and employment law sites that I frequent. Perhaps now would be a good time to spend a few minutes doing some reading and thinking about what a large scale pandemic might mean to your company and what kind of business continuation contingency plans would be appropriate. Here is some info to get you started: Diane Pfadenhauer has some good points here regarding three essential elements for pandemic planning: (1) Employee Relations Issues, (2) Safety/OSHA issues, and (3) Employee Privacy Issues. Canadian Broadcasting has an excellent in-depth report here that covers the issue from many different angles. (Hat tip to Michael Fitzgibbon for the link.) You can visit the Flu Wiki for a plethora of information about bird flu. (If you don't know what a wiki is, that is for a tech post some other time. For the time being, just know that this is a great source with a bunch of useful info. The Future of Work Weblog has been all over this issue for a few weeks now with stories here and here. I especially noted this link to a story on how IT professionals are preparing for a possible outbreak. And finally, here is a story on the topic from the New York Times. Not nearly as good as what you will find in the comprehensive Wiki entry above but some good general information.

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