Guidant sued by 61 former employees for age discrimination.

In 2004, Guidant laid off more than 700 workers. According to an ADEA lawsuit filed this week in Minnesota, over 60 percent of those workers that were laid off were 40 or older. This compares to the company's overall workforce before the layoff; less than 50 percent of which were in the over-40 category.

The lawsuit alleging age discrimination was brought by 61 former employees, who allege that Guidant used the mass layoff to reduce the number of its older and higher-paid employees. Added to the mix is the fact that the layoff came while the company was in secret negotiations to sell itself to Johnson & Johson.

Guidant has been in the news over the past year or so b/c it faces class action litigation brought by users of its defibrillators and pacemakers that had to be recalled due to defects.

Here's the story from the Indianapolis Star.