Touch that leftover sandwich and I'll spork you!

The Washington Post had a cutting edge story in yesterday's paper about an issue that anyone who has worked in a workplace of any size at all has witnessed at some point: The evil depravity of co-workers stealing one another's lunch items from he company fridge. (Yes, it was apparently a very slow news day.)From a cursory glance at the story, (OK, actually I read every word. It was like juicy office gossip and I liked it. So there!) the problem appears to be particularly acute in lawfirms. And, according to the anecdotal evidence in the article, the culprits are generally attorneys swiping food from their staff. The more interesting part of the article is the recouting of the lengths that workers will go to in order to apprehend or discourage the buffet bandits. Everything from hidden cameras to notes inside of tupperware containers notifying the would-be thief that the owner has already staked a claim on this licking it. Yuck!

Here's the story.