Tech Note - PDF For Lawyers

Time for another of our periodic Tech Notes here at the Bulletin. PDF for Lawyers is a blog that you really should visit, if you haven't already. A joint effort by Ernest Svenson and Ernest Svenson, two of the best legal tech minds in the country, it covers all issues relating to paperless office, .pdf file conversion, e-filing and document scanning.

As more and more courts move to e-filing (90% of my filing is now via e-filing), scanning and pdf conversion is not just an interesting tech sideline but an important everyday practice issue. And PDF for Lawyers is definitely the best way to keep up with this fast-changing area of technology.

Currently on their front page, the blog covers: Reported issues with Adobe's Acrobat 7 Reader and reasons you may want to stay away for now, Email practice management strategies, a portable scanner recommendation discussing one of my favorite office tools, the Fujitsu ScanSnap, an update on federal court e-filing, and a discussion of whether examining document metadata might be an ethics violation.

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