Surface Transportation Assistance Act

The Workplace Fairness Website has added an excellent information page on the Surface Transportation Assistance Act ("STAA"). The STAA is a little-known federal law that protects those who face discrimination or retaliation for trying to obtain compliance with commercial vehicle safety laws. Congress recognized that too many Americans are killed in accidents caused by sleepy drivers, shoddy maintenance, and failure to secure loads and that employees in the transportation industry are often best able to detect safety violations and yet, because they may be threatened with discharge for cooperating with enforcement agencies, they need express protection against retaliation for reporting these violations. The STAA empowers truck drivers when they to refuse to drive in violation of a commercial vehicle safety regulation or otherwise refuse unsafe dispatches. It also protects truck drivers and commercial transportation employees who make complaints to the employer, or the government about violations of commercial vehicle safety regulations.

For more information on the statute, its remedies, enforcement procedures, statutes of limitations, etc. look here.

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