So Why DO You Blog?

I don't often write about blogging on this blog but this is a question that I have been getting from other lawyers with increasing frequency over the last 6 months or so. Apparently Michelle Golden over at Golden Practices gets this question a lot too and dealt with it at a recent Blog Conference put on by blog gurus Dennis Kennedy and Matt Homann. Golden notes the following compilation of what various lawyers at the conference indicated were their reasons for blogging:

1) clients and recruits appreciate "insight" into the lawyer's brain (all the better to see if there is a "fit")2) keeps us more in tune with our practice interests because we are doing more reading and thinking about these things"3) the younger generation is a generation that is "growing up with blogging" and they can relate to us because we've been doing it too4) it gives me a chance to write often, but less formally5) lots of media attention, interviews and speaking opportunities on my topics6) some lawyers claim their blogs are responsible for generating up to 30% of their revenues7) seen as an expert in my area, higher level of respect8) other benefits cited: personal reward, passion, helping people with information.

All excellent reasons for an endeavor that does not appear to many, at first blush, to be a highly productive endeavor. For me, the prime reasons for blogging are client generation (Yes, it works) and creating a real reason for me to stay on top of new developments in my area on a daily basis.Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy Discrimination, Age Discrimination, San Antonio, Employment Lawyer