Guns in the Workplace - Isn't this a No-Brainer?

Interesting post over at George's Employment Blawg today regarding guns in the workplace. George discusses efforts by the gun lobby and several state legislatures to limit employers' ability to ban guns from the workplace. In my humble opinion, this is just plain nuts! Employers have enough to worry about in maintaining a safe working environment these days without being forced to allow employees to come to work armed and dangerous. In any event, George provides an interesting discussion and links to several articles both pro and con that provide even more thought on the issue.

Here is some extra stuff:

NRA Press Release launching national boycott against ConocoPhillips because Conoco had the audacity to lobby against a state law that would forbid employers from firing workers that violate company policies banning guns on their premises. Here's a story regarding the issue.Story regarding proposed Florida bill that would allow employees to bring guns to work.

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