An Initial Look at Alito's Employment Law Record

OK, here is a first look at Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito's record. As you might expect, we will be focusing on his civil rights and employment law opinions here at the Bulletin. Unlike former nominee Myers and, to a lesser extent, John Roberts, Alito has a 15-year record of votes and opinions on civil rights issues. His record is so long in fact that it will be several weeks before anyone will really be in a position to give a comprehensive analysis of his work.

The Washington Post has conducted an initial review focusing mainly on Alito's dissenting opinions. According to the paper:

In civil rights cases, Alito has agreed with the court's majority most of the time, The Post's review found. When he disagrees, he is not prone to inflammatory language or frontal challenges to Supreme Court precedent. Still, when he has taken a dissenting stance, Alito repeatedly has set a higher bar than his fellow judges for plaintiffs to prove that they were discriminated against -- and sometimes even to get a trial.

The Post noted that Alito has written six major dissents on cases involving employment discrimination, siding squarely with the employee only one of those times. Here is a link to the article. And here is a link to a brief biography of Alito along with a collection of links to more analysis.

Obviously, we will have much more on Alito in the coming days and weeks.Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy Discrimination, Age Discrimination, San Antonio, Employment Lawyer