Supreme Court Argument Update

We previously wrote here about today's oral argument in IBP, Inc. v. Alvarez (03-1238); and Turn v. Barber Foods, Inc. (04-66) (Joint Argument), in which the Court will consider whether an employee is also entitled to compensation for time spent waiting at stations where required safety and health equipment is distributed, donned, and doffed, and traveling to and from these stations to work sites at the beginning and end of each workday.

In further preparation for today's argument here are some links to the briefs and prior opinions in the two cases:Brief for Alvarez et al.Brief for IBP, Inc.Brief for Tum et al.Brief for Barber Foods, Inc.Lower Court Opinions:Alvarez v. IBP, Inc. (9th Cir 08/05/2003)Tum v. Barber Foods (1st Cir 03/10/2004)We should have the transcripts of the oral argument up in a couple of weeks.Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy Discrimination, Age Discrimination, San Antonio, Employment Lawyer