Business Ethics Survey Shows No Improvement

Jottings by an Employers' Lawyer has a post today discussing a national business ethics survey recently completed by the Ethics Resource Center. As Jottings notes, you would think that concerns regarding corporate ethics over the last few years would have companies on their best behavior. Turns out -- not so much.

The survey found that despite rising employee awareness of formal ethics and compliance programs, standards of ethical conduct remained unchanged - or even worsened. More than half American workers (52 percent) observed at least one type of type of misconduct in the past year, with 36 percent of these seeing two or more violations, an increase on the previous survey, conducted in 2003, it found.

The two most common types of misconduct observed were abusive or intimidating behavior towards employees (seen by 21 percent) and lying to employees, customers, suppliers, and the public (seen by 19 percent).

So, for those of us working in the employment law arena, it appears there is still more work to do!

Here is a copy of the report's executive summary. You can order a copy of the complete report here.Sexual Harassment, Pregnancy Discrimination, Age Discrimination, San Antonio, Employment Lawyer