Monday Morning Rant: The ABA Annual Meeting is Over . . . Yawn!

I don't often blog about blogging. Seems redundant. But I had to briefly touch on the ABA litigation section's blog of this year's ABA National Meeting. In a word: It was the worst blogging effort I have ever seen. (OK, that is more than a word but it was really really bad.)As with every other type of technological law practice development, the ABA is years behind where they need to be on blogging. Frankly, I'm surprised there wasn't a seminar on Windows 3.1 at this year's seminar.

The blog offers no useful information whatsoever. I can't figure out what purpose it was supposed to serve. The most interesting part is a link to photos of people sitting in chairs in a lecture hall. Wow! What a great use of bandwidth!

Like so many small to medium-sized firm pratictioners, I dropped my ABA membership sometime ago b/c it simply does not provide any useful purpose. It has become way to expensive for the little useful information that it provides to its members. I am sorry to say this b/c I would much rather have a vibrant ABA that serves its members with useful and immediate information on various areas of the law through the most modern means of information distribution.

Then to add insult to injury, the ABA blog contains a "Survey" where you can tell the ABA why you did not attend the ABA Meeting and provide them with useful information to act on. Unfortunately, whoever designed the form only allowed space for you to type about seven words. Nicely done.

OK, well that is the end of this week's rant. Carolyn Elefant, over at My Shingle has a similar piece here. Of course, she is much more eloquent than I am.