Roberts would shift Supreme Court even further to the right.

I guess no one should be very surprised that President Bush has decided to forgo choosing a moderate or just right of moderate candidate in favor of the starkly conservative John Roberts for his first nominee to the Supreme Court. Other than the fact that he pretty clearly would like to overturn Roe v. Wade, however, the news media has not apparently gathered all that much real background information on Roberts or his likely position on the multitude of issues he would be ruling on if confirmed.

Here is a good starting point: the Transcript of his confirmation hearings to the D.C. Circuit. It contains all of the materials that were made a part of the record during the hearings, including Robert's Financial Disclosure Statement, his completed judicial questionnaire from the Senate, articles and outside statements both for and against his confirmation that were attached by the Senators on the committee, and very likely all of the same questions and answers that you are likely to hear in his upcoming confirmation hearing. My cursory review indicates that Roberts is excellent at giving vague and meaningless answers to tough questions. Unfortunately, in these contentious times, this probably makes him the perfect candidate.