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EEOC is Challenging Some Corporate Wellness Programs as Violating the ADA

Posted in Disability Discrimination
Marc Herman, writing for the Connecticut Employment Law Blog: “94% of employers with over 200 workers according to the EEOC, offer their employees wellness programs….’The EEOC contends that the biometric testing and health risk assessment [in some wellness programs] constituted “disability-related inquiries and medical examinations” that were not job-related and consistent with business necessity as… Continue Reading

Daily Read: EEOC vs. Fitness-For-Duty Exams and Ford ADA Telecommuting Case in Overdrive

Posted in Disability Discrimination, Lawsuit Filings
We bring you the best articles in employment law and related workplace HR issues. Here are our picks for today, September 10, 2014: EEOC takes on fitness-for-duty medical releases – Recent lawsuits and press releases from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission show the agency is targeting employers’ fitness for duty examinations. Increasingly, the EEOC… Continue Reading

Daily Read: Twitter Meets the U.S. Constitution

Posted in Disability Discrimination, HR Management, Trial Practice & Litigation Issues
Several times per week (hopefully) we bring you the best articles in employment law and related workplace HR issues. Here are our picks for Wednesday, August 20, 2014: Can an employer’s social media policy be unconstitutional?  Answer: Maybe, if the policy is from a public employer. Philip Miles covers the case of Pittman v. Garcia, and… Continue Reading

Daily Read: Work Schedule Software Wreaks Havoc • Mental Illness in the Workplace • Retaliation Served up Cold

Posted in Disability Discrimination, HR Management, Retaliation
Here are the best employment law reads for Thursday, August 14, 2014. Enjoy. Working Anything But 9 to 5 New York Times has a very interesting piece on a new challenge for workers. Increasingly, the modern workplace pits sophisticated workplace technology against some fundamental requirements of parenting, with particularly harsh consequences for poor single mothers. Along… Continue Reading

Veterans’ Day 2012 – Information Re Employment of Veterans with Disabilities

Posted in Disability Discrimination
Today we express our thanks and gratitude to the veterans who have served and sacrificed so much to guarantee the freedoms that the rest of us enjoy.   Unfortunately, many veterans who return from service have a great deal of difficulty finding employment once they are back in the States.  Often this is due to disabilities… Continue Reading